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Beyond 2012

“Together, we have crossed the prophetic threshold of Dec 21, 2012, and have formally shifted World Ages! In this transitional time, we are now living in the beginning days of the Dawning Sixth Sun, also called the Fifth World of Peace. It is essential that we recognize this new era is now only in its infancy stage. Just as we would care for a newborn baby, so too must we consciously nurture the seeds of the new world as they take root within us. One moment, and one day at a time, the journey of life continues unfolding through us…” ~ 13Moon.com

image of a Mayan Pyramid
What is in store for us in these ‘end of times’?  Does any one of us have the answer for everyone-even for one other person?  Are these times and the awareness being brought into the light guiding us to know and follow our own inner guidance?  Will we find our Truth only in the possibilities created by our belief systems?  Is each reality authentic unto itself?  A harmonic symphony played with individual melodies that ‘ring true’ when played as a Whole?

The Classic Mayans left us many clues found in the skies and in our very inner being.  A brilliant reflection of the macro-verse and micro-verse showing us that these are a time of great transformation and renewal.  They give us the tools to ‘walk our darker path’ gently in order to stand fully in the light of our true, authentic selves.