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Dr Hew Len ~ Ho’oponopono (7 – 9 of 9)

Dr Hew Len ~ Ho’oponopono (4 – 6 of 9)

Dr Hew Len ~ Ho’oponopono (1 – 3 of 9)


“Ho’oponopono works by constantly reminding yourself to clean, and censor your thoughts. By worrying, judging, or engaging in a problem you are telling God that you don’t need his help. Ho’oponopono helps you let go, and trust in God. Trust that He will provide for you. God has a path for everyone and when we resist, it persists. Whatever you think about or worry about, will stay around because you are reacting to the memory instead of cleaning on it.”

I Love You
I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
I Thank You