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“Spirituality is not a belief system.  It is a way of life.  Reading a holy book, going to a sacred place or practicing a particular ritual can all be very helpful, but ultimately spirituality has to be in the every moment of life, and in every action.  When we do gardening, or baking bread, or send an email to a friend or a colleague we do it as a meditation, as a service, as an expression of our love.  Then, that ordinary activity is transformed into a spiritual action.  When we are our most creative selves, when we are in the sphere of imagination and when we are grounded in joy then we are unselfconsciously practicing spirituality.”  — SATISH KUMAR– A Presentation Abstract for the Great Rethinking Conference

“We are at the turning point.  We cannot go on being greedy, destroying the resources of the Earth.  The environmental concerns, ecological concerns, our relationship with the Earth is going to become a strong catalyst for the transformation of our consciousness.” — SATISH KUMAR


As a society, we are becoming more conscious/awakened to the oneness of all beings.  Today we can say that through the human, earth is becoming conscious of herself.  This is a time of great transformation, and often a time of concern about what is happening in our lives.  For this purpose, Great Plains Earth Institute offers Spiritual Direction for anyone wishing to journey with another as they walk through this time of change.  It is an opportunity to share with another person about spiritual experiences, attitudes, happenings, changes, a time to be open and vulnerable concerning our relationship with God.

Spiritual Direction sessions usually last one hour and can be
scheduled anytime from Monday through Thursday.

Please call Rita at 316.942.2201 x1415 for an appointment.

One thought on “Spiritual Direction

  1. Charlotte

    Blessings to the lives of nature and all the gifts we receive from God and the Universe.
    The earth is a wonderful place to be and I open my heart and soul to all the blessings.
    The Universe is blessing us each and every moment. Charlotte


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