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My Heart Thrills

I have never shared with any one what I am sharing here so please bear with me if I seem to go on a little too much, if I do it is simply to allow words to get as close to my level of inner joy of these experiences as possible.

For as long as I can remember my heart thrills as I listen to the songs of birds, the whirr of cicadas, crickets, grasshoppers, the stirrings of wind, the timpani of thunder, the crack of lightning, the rustle of fallen leaves as I purposely shuffle through them to amplify the sound, the gurgles of streams on their way to rivers, the croak of the bullfrog and the song of tree frogs, the snorting and rooting around of animals as they find their food and make a comfortable resting place, and even when laying on the ground hearing the diminutive sounds made by unseen entities, and oh, the crackles and pops that come from a fire, the unique sound of the wind as it passes through evergreens then cottonwoods or maples or oaks, the fluttering of a moths wings, buzzzzzing of bees as they gather pollen from first one blossom then another….I could go on. And the silence when no sounds from humans can be heard and any sounds of nature are indiscernible…I can rest in that silence.  These sounds along with the scents of soil, tree bark, grass, flowers, rain, tomato plants and honeysuckle (to name a few); the brushing of the wind on my face, the sun as it warms my body, the texture of stones and leaves; the variety of colors, shapes, designs, and variations of each of them combining
into myriad patterns to please the eye.

I have never understood why so few people I have met experience a similar inner response as mine to all of these communiqués.  Instead I hear: “I wish the wind would quit blowing,” “The stupid birds singing woke me up,” “I hate the sound of the locusts,” “It’s too quiet.”

The sounds, scents, textures, visual variety of the natural world are here to interact with us, to calm us, to inspire us, to comfort us, to help us let go of whatever it is that is an irritant to our soul, to motivate us to live a little more fully and authentically.

As David Abram lifts up in his book The Spell of the Sensuous, the “magic” available to each human is in altering one’s common state of consciousness “precisely in order to make contact with the other organic forms of sensitivity and awareness with which human existence is entwined.”  I personally have always believed in the existence of magic and it is Mr. Abram’s definition of magic that most resonates with me: “Magic…is the experience of existing in a world made up of multiple intelligences, the intuition that every form one perceives–from the swallow swooping overhead to the fly on a blade of grass, and indeed the blade of grass itself–is an experiencing form, an entity with its own predilections and sensations, albeit sensations that are very different from our own.”

I am inviting you to experience magic in your day, every day. May your life be full and your heart thrilled.

~ Belledessa

Individual Awareness

It is through a deep inner understanding of ourselves
that we become our True, Authentic Selves.

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A meditative thought:
“How do I want to ‘live’ the rest of my life?
What can I ‘change’ in order to create this?”

Being open, allowing and fluid while ‘walking the dark path of our soul’ we recognize where our
automatic programming dictates our lives.  Consciously witnessing every thought, action and
feeling shows us our true way of interacting with ourselves and others.  This can be frightening
to admit and accept, and often times we stop out of fear of ‘being a bad person’.  Trusting that
we are loved beyond unconditional love and acceptance by the very “Power of the Universe”
which created us holds us in a protective, comforting embrace as we courageously walk this
chosen path.

Finding supportive and trusted friends, mentors, guides and  teachers is very important.
Knowing that every thing could change in your life as you ‘de-program’ can help as these
changes unfold.  Treat yourself as the precious miracle and gift that you are.  Meditative
moments, massage, yoga, music, dance, walking in nature, group meditation/discussion,
counseling, retreating, and immense gratitude for all that has been, is and will be, are
powerful aids for your use.

Find your Inner Voice, Truth and Wisdom!!!!

Quantum Awareness

adapted by Rita Robl,asc
from the Winter 2008 GPEI Newsletter

picture of an atom
I recently read an article on the internet entitled “Quantum Physics Demystifies The Process Of Manifestation”.  I felt the explanation of Quantum Physics quite good and very informative.  I will not share the entire article with you but will give bits and pieces intending that you check the article out for yourself.

Exactly what is Quantum Physics?  Quantum physics is simply a science that studies and explains how everything in our world comes into existence starting from the physical aspect of the events, conditions, and circumstances of everything in the Universe, breaking them down into their most basic form – attempting to discover the Source from where they are derived.

Are you aware that Quantum Physics, Spirituality, your thoughts, emotions, and success, or lack of success, in life are ALL closely intertwined or interconnected.  In fact as modern day quantum physics has discovered, they’re much more interconnected than you may realize.

Quantum Physics may appear a bit complex on the surface but many people probably already know the basic understanding of Quantum Mechanics at some level of awareness with regard to how the various events, conditions, and circumstances in our daily life come into being.

Familiarizing yourself with Quantum Physics can play a MAJOR role in enabling you to better understand how and why various “growth lessons” you experience result in developing a much deeper and stronger “Belief” or “Faith” in your own personal ability to begin consciously creating the events, conditions and circumstances that you desire.

Through 80 years of scientific studies, such as Newtonian Physics, Einstein’s discoveries, Neils Bohr’s work, Max Planck’s knowledge, DNA observations, it was decided that the Quantum Field is an “Infinite” field of potential.  It is REALLY that Simple!!  Modern day Quantum Physics fully explains beyond any doubt that your thoughts group together and collapse energy packets. Change those thoughts from a probability into physical matter in a given place and time and create your life experience physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.  Regardless of how deeply you may search you will find that it is 100% accurate 100% of the time WITHOUT FAIL.  Your life experiences happen as a result of how you think and believe they will – whether at a conscious or subconscious level.

Everything in your life…in the entire world in fact, is the result of “Consciousness”.  Your life will unfold perfectly and precisely just as you “believe” that it will.  That is a choice only you can make.  You and you alone are responsible for the events, conditions and circumstances that make up your life.  Whatever choices you choose to make both today as well as in the future, it is the sincere and heartfelt hope for you that those choices might lead you one step closer to a life experience of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.